Sunday, May 11, 2008

My Hero

I don't usually have much time to watch t.v., but I do try and leave room in my schedule to sit down and enjoy a few of my favorite shows every week. Recently, I've been catching up (through the miracle of netflix) with the show Heroes.

Heroes is a really interesting show. It's about people with "superpowers" but it's not exactly like a comic-book. In it, the characters are trying to understand their "gifts" and how to use them. One of the major characters is a Japanese man named...Hiro (pretty clever). He's basically a nerd, and he reads comic books. When he discovers that he can manipulate time (traveling forward, backward, or just stopping it altogether), he ponders what his destiny is. After all, if you've been given an extraordinary gift, he reasons, you're probably meant to use it to help others.

Lately I've been thinking of my own "gifts" and powers. I can't fly (although when I was 6 years-old I tried to off of the second step of the porch), and I can't see through walls (although I repeatedly tried to in high school through the girl's locker room didn't work either), but I do help people. I help people to get healthier and to feel better. My superpower is that I'm a healer.

But if that sounds impressive, you should hear about another superhero that I know: she's really powerful! She's got so many powers, it can be hard to keep track of: she's got super strength to lift me up whenever I might feel down. She's telepathic and can read minds, because she always knew when I wasn't telling the truth. She's a healer, too, and could always make any pain go away. She's got mind control and gets me to do the right thing with nothing more than a look. And she's got super-human brains, too, and continues to teach me so much about life, regardless of the situation.

No matter how much I may lift in the gym, it's mom that always taught me that true strength comes from within...and that may be her greatest superpower of them all.

Happy Mother's Day, mom. And happy Mother's Day to all of the other mothers that are the real-life superheroes to their children and families every day.