Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Emperor's New Clothes

The blog just got a major facelift thanks to my friends at Local Wisdom, and I have to admit that it's a significant upgrade! The brilliant minds at LW have been my go-to computer experts since I started, and without them, I would barely know how to turn my laptop on.

No, seriously.
Teh coMput3rz maiks my heAd hurTz
I think the blog looks great, and I hope that you do too. Let me know your opinion in the comments!



Keith Suthammanont said...

Looks pretty nice in here, now only if you wrote a little more often.

Jonathan Fass said...

I am, like, busy finishing a doctorate, you know :P

Gerkin said...

Check out how professional you are!

giz said...

I love the new look... but next time you write can you tell me one thing? (It's probably too big but maybe you can try!) I'm a brand new personal trainer (my first client session is on Monday). I don't want to be an average fitness professional, but my background is geology; I studied at home for the NSCA-CPT and passed, and have been working in a pretty decent gym for a year now, while I was studying, but that's it for my background. Biggest things you've learned (to do or not to do) as a trainer? I've been reading your posts since you were on O2 and trust your judgment.